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As it is widely known internationally that the ISO 9000 quality system is a well recognized quality management system. In order to be on the same ground internationally in terms of quality, Project Planning Services has set itself on a goal of achieving this recognized standard and has assured that all of its services are consistently performing under the same quality standard. We have committed ourselves to a Quality Policy as follows:
  • Striving to be a Leader in Term of Quality.
  • Maintain Our Professional Services to be on International Standard.
  • Manage and Control Quality, Cost and Time to be as agreed with Customers.

Our ISO 9001:2000 quality system was certified by EIT-CBO and EAQA of the United Kingdom in January 2005. The certification has been continued from the ISO 9002:1994 which we have maintained since February 1999. Our quality system will be independently audited by both certifying body organizations to ensure compliance. We are also committed to continuously develop and improve our quality system to meet our growing customers' need and expectations which is the main concept of the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard.

Our methodology of the 9001:2000 system is an approach that can be tailored to meet with our customers' specific requirements in any particular project. When a contract is awarded to us, a project quality plan shall immediately be developed. The customer's needs and expectations shall be identified and formulated into a quality plan with quality procedures and special quality procedures to be developed to suit the specific needs of the customers, if necessary. The quality plan shall be distributed to all of the parties involved in the project. All of the elements of the quality system will be addressed and implemented. The system of internal audits including the surveillance audits by a third party certifying body shall be fully utilized in order that the management can review the strengths and weaknesses of the quality system in progress. Corrective and Preventive actions shall also be implemented in order to be sure that defects both in the works and the quality system be corrected and repetitive problems will not reoccur.

Our quality system shall continuously be developing in order to that our ever growing customers' needs and expectations shall be exceeded.

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